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Kissing The Underbelly, a novel co-authored by Joseph Anderson and Judy Millspaugh Anderson, M.D., follows Jonathan Harrington Crossley’s tumultuous journey as he sets out to carve his own path in life. He rebels during his sophomore year at St. Thomas’ College, chafing at continuing as a student under the watchful scrutiny of his father, a philosophy professor there.

He goes to Philadelphia and enrolls at Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management, majoring in finance. He has always been fascinated by money, good at math, had an excellent memory, and worked hard. He naively assumed that was all it would take to succeed in life. His father disapproved. The elder Mr. Crossley had vaguely sensed that there was danger lurking out in the real world and wanted to protect his son from it.

Jonathan was woefully ignorant of what the real world actually involved. His family had lived in the protection of a purely intellectual existence in a small college town in Pennsylvania, a bastion of tolerance and liberalism that allowed them to forget that they were black. Jonathan was raised in ignorance of what it meant to be black. When his father fails to coerce his son into staying and follow in his academic footsteps, Jonathan is disowned.

Thus begins a journey that opens his eyes to the “real world” and the harsh realities that came along with it. This is a novel of love, poverty, the stock market, survival and race relations set in Philadelphia, PA. Witness how Jonathan’s life will unfold in the engrossing pages of Kissing The Underbelly.


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